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Chikara for Men Review

November 28th 2014

♥ Did you know that pheromones work on a subconscious level to create a sexually attractive vibe?

Chikara Pheromone Cologne is one of the best selling pheromone colognes online.  The men who use it and love it say it breaks down social barriers and that it works on a subconscious level to create a sexually attractive vibe.
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♥ It’s formulated with 7 different human sex pheromones – 0ne of the highest number of any pheromone cologne. It’s also one of the best selling products in its class and claims to work very well for attracting women and also claims to give you an extra edge in other social situations.

If you’ve looked at human pheromones online at all, then you know how hard it can be to determine if a product lives up to its claims. There are more than a *few* products out there that claim WAY more than they deliver.

If you can cut through the hype you will find that there are a handful of good quality AND effective pheromones for men, BUT there are also a lot of scammy products out there that either don’t have enough human pheromone content to be effective.  To get the results you’re looking for it’s important to know the difference.

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What to Look For In Sex Pheromones

Pheromones can give you HUGE social advantages (that are really almost unfair), BUT not all products are created equal. It’s important to know WHAT to look for in a pheromone cologne so that you can make a good buying decision and get a product that WORKS. Here are the things you need to look for in a HIGH QUALITY product.

  • It should do what it says it will
  • Pheromone content – the product should have ENOUGH pheromones to be effective
  • A pleasant scent
  • Effectiveness for your specific situation – different products do different things
  • A good guarantee


While you would think that these things would simply be “standard” in a pheromone product, I’ve found that is NOT the case for all products on the market. There are only a handful of pheromones for men that meet these standards, and of them Chikara Pheromone is one of the most highly regarded products. In fact, it is THE best selling pheromone cologne on the Pheromone411 (pheromone superstore) website.

How Does Chikara Work?

Scientists have known that pheromones control animal interaction since 1979 and in 1986 human pheromones were proven to exist. These  chemicals are naturally produced by our bodies to attract members of the opposite sex and to create status within our peer groups. It has been proven that pheromones that have this same effect can be produced in a lab and topically applied to subconsciously influence those around us.

Chikara for men uses a potent blend of human pheromones to create attraction and what I like to call the “popularity effect”.

What are the types of Human Pheromones in Chikara Cologne?

1) AndrosteNONE

This pheromone chemical is found in both men and women, but is primarily known as a male pheromone. It creates an intimidating, dominant, and aggressive aura. This creates a distinct “alpha” effect. This “alpha” effect is associated with good mate choice and sex and can cause some serious sexual tension. It can also cause other males to act more deferential and respectfully to you.

Using too much androsteNONE can cause overdosing or “OD” effects. This includes headaches and coming across as too aggressive.

Many products, including Chikara cologne, balance the aggressiveness of andresteNONE with androsteNOL, because androsteNOL is a social ‘mone that helps people to open up to you.

2) AndrosteNOL

AndrosteNOL is known as a “social pheromone” and is very effective when combined with other pheromone chemicals, such as androsteNONE.

It creates a friendly and approachable vibe and creates chattiness in the people who come into contact with it (including the user). It is known to create feelings of romance and empathy. It also creates an aura of reproductive fitness and youth, both of which are very attractive.

This ingredient when combined with androsteNONE (like Chikara does) creates a feeling of confidence, which is very sexy.

3) AndrosteRONE

This is a human only pheromone, meaning that it is not found in any other animal species.

This chemical makes users appear to be more dominant and masculine. It is also known as a pheromone booster and will boost the effectiveness of other ‘mones. It creates a sense of protection, safety, and reliability. It is effective both for romance and attraction and in business situations.

4) Secret Ingredients

Chikara cologne also contains 4 other “secret” pheromone ingredients. They have never released their proprietary formula, but it is widely speculated that one of their ingredients is the “beta” form of androstenol, which boosts the popularity effect of the product.

chikara pheromone cologne - size of bottle

A woman smiling and playing with her hair or touching her neck is a STRONG indicator of interest (IOI)

How Much Pheromone Content is in this Product?

Of all the pheromone colognes on the market Chikara has one of the highest amounts of pheromones in the bottle. Each bottle contains 10 mg of pheromones, which is twice what the leading competitor Primal Instinct has.

How to Use Chikara Pheromones

Chikara comes in a spray bottle and should be applied like other colognes on the wrist and neck. Some people find greater self effects (improved mood and confidence) by applying a small amount under their nose.

Because this pheromones cologne contains androsteNONE, I highly recommend some experimentation with the product to get the best results.

With a pheromone cologne it’s ALWAYS better to start out with a small amount and build from there. These chemical’s are POWERFUL and it’s important to minimize potential negative side effects by getting the dose right for your personal body chemistry.


♥ Correct Starting “Dosage”: When you first get your bottle of Chikara pheromones start with a half a spray on each wrist and let it dry. You can also dab a TINY amount on your upper lip. BUT keep this application SMALL. The upper lip application will often give you mood boosting effects – MOOD BOOSTING = CONFIDENCE = SEXY!

You’ll know you used *too much* if you feel overly aggressive. .

DO NOT put this or any other male pheromone product on your clothes unless you are an experienced user.  Human pheromones (especially androsteNONE) interact in unpredictable ways with fabric.

This is a scented product and most people really like the scent. However, if you want to add a scent over the  pheromone spray after it’s dry it will not in any way minimize the effectiveness.  Use your nose as your guide. Also note, that most pheromone colognes give off a musky scent after they dry. This is completely normal and lets you know it has real pheromone ingredients.


The next phase of using Chikara (and any other of the male pheromones) is to test it to get the optimal dose.  This takes some time and some practice, but is WELL worth it. Chikara is one of the most effective aphrodisiacs on the market and when used properly can give you some SMOKING results.

When you go to test the product, there are a couple of things that you will want to keep in mind.

  • Pheromones tend to ENHANCE and BUILD on what you already have
  • To get the BEST effects – social skills + ‘mones is the way to go
  • The effects of pheromones are measured in what is called IOIs or Indicators of Interest.
  • If people act wary of you, you’re using TOO MUCH product. Scale back.

IOI’s (Indicators of Interest)are what you look for in the testing phase. There are many, many ways that women show they are interested in a man. Here are a few to look for.

  • Multiple Looks – If a woman looks at you more than once it is usually because she is interested (we typically don’t stare and are more subtle than men)
  • Blushing – This doesn’t mean we are embarrassed (unless you just did something moronic), it means we like you. :)
  • Smiling – Women smile at guys they like. It’s our way of saying “come talk to me”
  • Eye Dilation – If our eyes or irises are getting bigger then it is a good indication we are into you.


Chikara also has other great social effects. When you are using the right amount for your particular body chemistry both men and women will open up to you more. In addition, men will often defer to you more often and act more respectfully to you.

When you are testing out Chikara, you’ll want to start with a small “dose” . Then wear it in social situations (work, club, anywhere that people gather) and gauge the responses you get. Then gradually increase the amount of product that you use over time until you get the responses you are looking for.

Remember that pheromones give you a SERIOUS edge, but won’t *usually* give you what is referred to as the AXE effect (seen those commercials?). Look for IOI’s and subtle changes in behavior of those around you to know that it’s working.

Be sure to thoroughly clean your skin between applications as some pheromone chemicals can stick around for quite a while on unwashed skin.

What Are Customers Saying About Chikara Cologne?

This cologne gets overwhelmingly positive reviews.  There are 46 reviews currently at . Here is one of my favorite comments from

“…I had a birthday party to go to at a local bar, I got a ton of comments about how I smelled and I was getting more than my normal share of hugs and conversation from the women there, it was unreal .. I can’t say it has anything to do with a change in my behavior, I dressed the same as always, I didn’t really say much of anything because I was busy at work and the bar was too loud and busy.. I never get this kind of reaction wearing JUST the cologne .. so I’m forced to believe the cologne and additive have helped…”

Where to Buy Chikara Pheromones:

Chikara pheromones are available at  , the internet’s largest pheromone superstore. Pheromone411 features a fantastic guarantee and ships in discreet packaging.

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